Episode 21: Bringing Structure and Empathy to Mediation with Pierangelo Bonanno

Pierangelo Bonanno.

Mediation is part of the alternative dispute resolution. It would be easy to think that mediation already is human-centric enough comparing to the court procedures but that is not the whole truth. Pierangelo Bonanno is  an experienced and acknowledged international mediator and he joined us to explaing that there is a powerful synergy between legal design and mediation.

Mediation is often seen as an alternative dispute resolution method to more traditional court proceedings, because the disputing parties are expected to participate more actively in the process. What is common to both, however, is that both proceedings are often led by trained legal professionals, who tend to put their legal knowledge and legal practices at the center. In such circumstances the genuine interests of the parties – such as sustaining good business relations and processing hurt feelings – may remain secondary. Design thinking and design methods can help lawyers bring clarity, transparency and empathy to the complex and often negatively perceived dispute resolution processes.

Tune in to hear more how mediators can uncover the real needs of humans and resolve their conflicts in a human-centric way.

Pierangelo Bonanno is an international mediator and a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitration (CIArb). He has been listed as a “recommended” mediator in the WhosWhoLegal Italy 2021 Guide on Mediation. Pierangelo has worked as a judge for numerous competitions on mediation between international universities. The ICC International Mediation Competition 2021 has chosen him as one of the competition’s 100 international judges. Pierangelo is also a mediator at e-POM – Specialized European Network in disputes between online commercial platforms and their commercial suppliers. Pierangelo introduced his proposal “Mediation by Design” in the CIArb’s Mediation Symposium 2020: Mediation as a multidisciplinary practice.
“Mediation by Design is my proposal to simplify and clarify the various stages of mediation, to make the parties protagonists by placing them at the centre, especially in online mediation, in which transparency and accessibility are even more challenging to achieve.”